Are you a beginner or an advanced player who is searching for a perfect badminton racket than we have made a collection of World best Badminton Rackets. In badminton Sport, it is essential to buy a good badminton Racket but if you want to improve your game in every aspect than you have to buy or check other equipment including Badminton Shoes. Badminton Shoes not only enhances your performance but also provides you the stability, control, and comfort to play freely in the Court. The majority of the badminton players have been concentrated on purchasing a superb badminton racket having a forearm group or a grip or other essential Badminton Equipments. But what generally they didn’t focus much is their footwear that’s the major portion of the sport.

You might not detect the quantity of strain that runs throughout feet and your legs. It’s very queer and it won’t be likely feed by you. Below are a few things to search for what defines a set of badminton shoes that are fantastic.

If you are a newcomer or starting the game and don’t know the Rules of Badminton, don’t know what kind of badminton shoes will be best for you, no worry we have created a whole list Best Badminton shoes of With its pros and cons which will guide you finding a perfect Badminton shoe. Badminton shoes come with many features which are very essential in improving your game and preventing you from Injuries.


If you are going to buy any shoe either its Badminton shoe or any other shoe always remember to check the Sole thickness or Sole type of the shoe so that you will feel comfortable and it will enhance your game very much.

There are generally two types of Sole in Badminton Shoes-

  • Rubber Soles
  • Gum Rubber Soles

You can play with any of the types of sole but the Choice will always depend on the Badminton court you are playing. As most of the Badminton courts in the present time are either Synthetic or Wooden. So, its always recommended using Gum rubber soles as it provides an excellent grip. With a great grip, the sole provides extra traction. Whereas, if the badminton court is made up of Cement than Rubber soles are highly recommended. These types of Soles not only provides better grip or comfort but are also non-marking, which means if the shoes are dragged on the floor, they will not leave any ugly marks.

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Sole Thickness-

The Design of the shoe plays a very important role in enhancing Performance. For many players, the design is always at the top of the list. The Badminton shoes should always be thin in the sole so that the balance should be neutral and a player can play in a stable way.

In this manner, you can move jump fast and even make those sprints easily. Generally, for badminton players, thicker soles are not recommended. They’re created for runners and will not help you while playing badminton.


Every aspect of the shoe is vital either its sole type or Ankle support, but the Weight of badminton shoe can not only affect your performance but can also lead to any injury. Very Heavy Shoes divert your attention to some extent and much worse, will slow you down. You are going to be late to defend those speedy smashes.

On the other hand, shoes that are lighter makes it easier to jump, flex or leap, It helps to increase the foot movement with good rate and twist. Additionally, shoes that are lighter with weight upto 250 to 400 grams can provide you a comfortable and fantastic texture.

Ankle Support-

The Ankle part is responsible for changing or Originating the angle/movement during the course of the game. Like jumping, smashing, backhand shots, etc. all require a range of movement. Badminton shoes have been made in such way that it will provide you the required ankle support so; you will be able to move forward fast, run, jump or perhaps go sideways quickly.

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Even though there’s some support in case your badminton shoes have much of this, your ankles would not develop strength and won’t be flexible. Because your ankle is not utilized to physical strain it may result in an ankle injury.So You should always look for badminton shoes which allow an ankle motion.


Like hell, you’re going to be sweating in virtually no time to toe. Because badminton entails moves throughout and is a sport that is really extensive, your feet will sweat a whole lot, and your shoes will end up moist. This is the favorable situation or the spot for bacteria and parasites to grow, leading to a bad odor Athlete’s foot, and worse.

For this, your badminton shoes avoid any situation that might distract you and should have appropriate ventilation so that your feet stay dry and cool.

Ventilation in Badminton shoe, Best Badminton Shoe, How to choose a best Badminton shoe
Cushioning in Badminton Shoe, How To choose a Badminton Shoe, Best Badminton Shoes


The Powerful cushion is always helpful in resisting or absorbing the shocks and provides better stability to the player during the course of a game. Badminton shoes are the one which comes with the Power cushion technology, such that players will have control and stable play in the Badminton court. It helps to reduce the chances of injury during the play. This reduces stress on your knees once you lunge or jump. The suspension is really acted like by the cushioning inside, also it is helpful to protect against any accidents.

Ergo Shape-

It provides the equilibrium for your feet, toes, and ankles. Throughout the game, the flexibility in the toes is essential for making those lively movements. They additionally provide that stability during rear motions or front although badminton sneakers using ergo shape not just keep your feet comfy.

Moisture Control-

Moisture Control is one of the newest feature added in the Badminton shoes, presently it’s not available in all badminton shoes. Air Mesh present in the badminton shoes helps in fighting the moisture up to eight times as compared to normal shoes. It provides better ventilation and gives a cool and comfortable feel during the duration of the game.

Final Conclusion-

All the efforts we have done is to provide you the best pair of Badminton shoes. Our last advice will be, Whenever you are buying any Badminton shoes or any other Essential Badminton Equipments. Check that the item prevents you from Injuries, Providing you Better performance and preventing your feet from blisters and Athlete’s Feet condition. Every Player always used to focus on the Best Badminton Rackets, but unfortunately, the shoe part still lacks. Might these detailed reviews could help you in achieving that part in Badminton Court. Hope you like our list of Badminton shoes and its reviews.

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