Are you a beginner or an advanced player who is searching for a perfect badminton racket or requires some insights of Badminton Racket in choosing the best one, here we have provided a detailed badminton racket buying guide that can guide you in selecting the right Badminton racket. I’ve mentioned some crucial points that should be considered while buying a new badminton racket.

You probably would have some idea of how important it is to choose a perfect racket. If you don’t have much idea what to buy, then don’t trouble yourself, as this guide will help you in finding the best Racket. We have explained everything in detailed.

A Tip to Remember: Whenever choosing a racket focus on your abilities and strength, check the Racket which suits you the best. Do not choose any racket which is not of your level. Never go for the rackets top players uses. Might be the Badminton Top Players are using could cause an injury to you or didn’t work well for you. You must buy a racket which suits you and works very handy for you. We have created a collection of Best Badminton Rackets which can give you a variety to choose from.

The first question arises while buying a racket is what you want to have control or power. Both things in one racket are impossible, but you can buy a well-rounded racket which can give almost both the qualities, A decent amount of control and power.

Are you a newcomer or starting your journey in Badminton? If you are a newcomer or starting the game and don’t know the Rules of Badminton, don’t know what exactly your qualities are then it’s always better to start with a low budget racket or cheap Racket, handy like Yonex Nanoray 10 or Yonex Nanoray 20. These two rackets are affordable and well-rounded, this can help you in making a great start, and later on, you can switch to your style rackets.

The Critical Factors to Take into mind while buying a Racket

Here are some crucial factors to take into consideration while buying a racket for yourself:

  1. Frame shape
  2. Balance point
  3. Hand Grips
  4. Weight
  5. String Tension
  6. Shaft stiffness

Frame Shape:

The Frame is an essential part of a badminton racket. It is necessary to choose a perfect shape frame for your Racket. The Shape of Frame is available in two options:

Isometric shape and Traditional/oval shape.

There are many critical differences between these two Frame shapes. A detailed review will be present here. The thing you need knows is that there is a sweet spot where the actual difference resides.

Isometric or Square Shape:

The Isometric Shape or Square Shape has higher chances of delivering the shuttle to the sweet spot. The best example for Isometric Frame is Voltric series racket 1DG. It has superb isometric shape frame and a high level of tension. Due to this Frame, Voltric 1DG can produce very high-quality stokes. These characteristics give the Isometric Frame an excellent balance and attract customers or market to opt for this Racket.

If you are a newcomer or starting your career, then you should go for Isometric Frame Rackets. Beginners or advanced level players can also use these kinds of rackets. On the other hand, the oval shape rackets are not available easily in the market. For a beginner, we will recommend going for Isometric frame rackets as they have reasonable control and easy to use while the Oval shape rackets are rarely available in the market.

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Traditional Oval Shape:

The Oval shape rackets provide some high-quality shots. It’s tough to find a sweet spot in these traditional shape rackets. But if you are an experienced player or can manage to deliver the shuttle through the sweet spot, then for sure you will get some next-level shots. This means that to win or increase your success rate in Traditional shape or Oval shape rackets, you have to be experienced or skilled enough to deliver the shuttle through the sweet spot.

The Balance Point:

The Balance point generally based on your playing style. If you like to play in a controlled way and want to control the shuttle or game, then the balance point should lean towards the handle. and if you’re going to play attacking than the balance point should lean towards the handle as they need more power to hit a shuttle.

Balance Point ,How to choose a good Badminton Racket,Yonex Best BAdminton Rackets

You can put your finger in the center of the shaft to check whether the Racket has more potential or control. In Voltric series rackets, the Voltric 80  generates powerful smashes so, if we will put our finger in the core of the shaft, then it would bend towards the head.

What to do if you want to buy Power racket but already bought Contol one?

Sometimes you may want to buy a power racket, but unfortunately, you purchased a control racket. Then in place of buying a new racket, you can replace it or what you can do is purchase light Badminton and wrap it in the head of the Racket. By this way, you will get a more massive head with more power.

What if you require more Control than Power?

Then here is what you can do. Just add some more weight to the handle part of the Racket. Here are some ways by which you can gain some control:

  1. Replace or change the badminton handle with a heavy grip.
  2. Use the lighter weight string in the Racket.
  3. Cover badminton handle with 2-3 lightweight grips.

These are a few ways by which you can balance things as per your own preference. You can opt the rackets with a higher balance point if you are an experienced player. These rackets are more substantial at the head and generate enough power to hit smashes. Although with the more massive head it’s challenging to control so you need a lot of practice to get the control.

Handle Grips

If you want to make sure that your shots should be land accurately in the opponent’s court, then you have to choose good hand grips. Grips play a significant role in resting your wrists and giving you comfort. There are two types of grips:

Towel Grips: These grips are very comfortable; its babel is having a grip surrounded by towel cloth. These type of grips absorb the sweat very fast and makes your hands dry. It comes with a very smooth and soft layer of fabric. With a certain amount of time, you need to replace this grip as it can acquire harmful germs and bacterias.

Towel grip, Best Badminton Rackets, How to choose a best badminton Racket

Synthetic Grips: These are fluffy kind of grips; it provides you a level of comfort. Synthetic grips are very slick and slightly messy. It is not good at absorbing the sweat from the hands. These grips are very popular and mostly comes with every new Racket.

There are several other badminton grips with different sizes. For aggressive players who love to play powerful smashes can go with bigger grips; however, the players who are a little bit deceptive can go with smaller grips.

Synthetic Grip,How to choose a badminton Racket,Yonex Best Badminton Rackets

The Weight :

The Weight Factor plays an essential part in Badminton:

There are different categories of Rackets based on their weights:

  1. 2U: 90-94 gms
  2. 3U: 85-89 gms
  3. 4U: 80-84 gms
  4. 5U: 75-79 gms

The more power you need, the heavier the Racket will be.

As an example: In Voltric series, the Voltric 80 have two versions, the 3U, and 4U and you can easily make these rackets heavier by checking the tips mentioned in balance point part. The main difference here in 3U and 4U is that 3U is much better for Singles and 4U is suitable for Doubles.

The only difficulty with heavy Racket is that it needs reasonable control, and the power comes with practice. So, the more you are skilled, the more you will be able to control and also hit the powerful shots. In the real scenario, if you are not an advanced player, then weight doesn’t really matter. But it is advised that if you are a fresher or a beginner than choose lightweight rackets. The weight should be around 85g to 90g in a lower balance point.

You can easily control the shuttle with a speedy reply by sing a lightweight racket. The lightweight rackets will reduce the burden on wrists and helps decrease the possibilities of injury.

String Tension

One of the essential factors in choosing a badminton racket is the String tension. You can check the strength of the strings by pressing your fingertips or palm in the strings and check how deep it’s going. If it is sinking 1mm than its an ideal depth.

You can easily customize the tension of the racket as per your preferences. 22-23 lbs is generally a good option for Beginners. Sometimes the string tension based on the regions as well as in the tropical areas the tension will be high as there will be heat and in cold places, the tension will be less.

The Shaft:

What kind of shaft do you like Flexible or Stiff?

The Flexible shaft and stiff shaft varies in many ways. There are many key differences. Both types of shafts have some pros and cons. Let’s check which is more suitable for you, how you will differentiate.

 Flexible Shaft:

The Flexible shaft is best for Newcomers or beginners as here you need not have to focus much on generating Powerful stokes, you can concentrate on the control and the Technique part. The Flexible shaft allows you to deliver some excellent clears without giving much effort; As compared to a stiff pole, it is better.

The disadvantage of the flexible shaft is that the accuracy suffers a lot for the proper placement of the shuttle you have to struggle. It is harder to deliver good placements as there is a kind of repulsion, which makes it harder to go through.

The Flexible shaft is a bit slower than stiff shaft rackets which makes the speed of attacks prolonged. The best work the flexible shaft can is delivering the Powerful shots without tiring your shoulders and wrist. Overall the Flexible shaft is an excellent choice for defensive players as it gives enough time to swing hard, and you can focus on improving your techniques.

Flexible shaft rackets are very comfortable to play and give better results in control and Power.

Badminton Racket Shaft, Yonex Best Badminton Rackets

The Stiff Shaft:

The stiff shaft Rackets mostly recommended to the advanced level players or Professionals. The thicker shafts can bend very quickly, so it is excellent for aggressive players with greater control and fast replies.

The repulsion in the racket is very less and need more strength to generate powerful swings. for beginners and newcomers, it is not recommended.

Why is it not suggested for newcomers?

The stiff shaft rackets will focus on generating more strength or power in search of that one can sacrifice his/her technique if you are in the process where you need to advance your techniques or skills than you can choose this racket. The Stiff shaft rackets are much quicker or fast than the Flexible shaft rackets. The power generated will be lesser, but the delivery will good for fast attacks.

It is a bit speedy shaft which can land the shuttle much faster than expected. If you are searching for fast attacks, then this is the perfect racket for you. As the landing of the shuttle will be fast, so the accuracy and the placement will be high.

Finally, in shafts, you need to check the materials. There are two types of materials highly recommended the Graphite and tungsten.

Final Conclusion:

These are some of the tips you should consider before purchasing any racket. These factors will, for sure help you in finding a perfect racket. Above all this, we have provided detailed reviews on the Best Badminton rackets in the world. There are various options in Badminton rackets covering every kind of player there preferences and skill level. You can select the perfect racket suited only for you. In parallel, you can check this guide to How to choose a pick an excellent racket for you.

You should be very patient while purchasing a racket as it is essential to buy a Racket which suits you the best and yes you don’t want to waste your time and money for the racket which doesn’t have the features you are expecting. As you will buy badminton racket, you can also check the best badminton shoes which can help you in the process of making yourself a great player.

At last thank you for your time, we hope you will like our detailed reviews.

Please comment below for any suggestions or questions.

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