Badminton sports facts: Interesting information about the court game

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A sport which traces its roots from India gets its modern rules with a modern name Badminton in England; this is the sport which demands extraordinary fitness. A mental and Physical level balance is a necessity of this sport. Although the modern game of badminton was introduced in England with new Rules and Regulations but currently Asia dominates the sport with overall 64 Olympic medals out of 76. Our Collection of Badminton Facts is based on the amazing Events happened in the past.Here is the list of some amazing Facts about Badminton –

Largest Shuttlecock weighs 2500kg

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World’s largest shuttlecock is in Kansas City Museum’s Lawn which is 48 times larger than the actual shuttlecock with 18 feet tall and 2500 kg weight.

Badminton Racquets 4 times lighter than tennis Racquets

Badminton racquets are 4 times lighter than a tennis racquet, Badminton (58 to 84 grams or 2 to 3 ounces) vs. tennis (280 to 340 grams or 10.5 to 12 ounces).

Badminton game Olympic Debut in 1992

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Badminton game made its Olympic debut in the year 1992 Barcelona Olympic with the number of people who watched the badminton tournament was around 1.1 billion.

Thomas Cup won by only 5 Nations

Badminton Thomas Cup,Court game Trophy,Thomas cup won by 5 nation,Badminton sports facts

Among the Major BWF Tournaments from 28 nations, only 5 nations have won the Thomas Cup of Badminton since its establishment in 1948: Indonesia (13 titles), China (10 titles), Malaysia (5 titles), Japan (1 title), Denmark (1title).

Longest Rally of 108 shots

The Longest rally in the history of badminton is of 108 shots it was played between Tien Minh Nguyen (Vietnam) and Jan O Jorgensen (Denmark) with the timing of 2mins.

Longest Match lasted 124 minutes

The Longest match of Badminton lasted 124 minutes(2 hours 4 minutes), played between Peter Rasmussen(Denmark) and Sun Jun(China) in which Rasmussen won by 16 -17,18 -13 and 15 -10.

Shortest Match of just 6 minutes

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 The shortest match played in Badminton was of just 6 min, played between Julia Mann (England) and Ra Kyung-min (South Korea) in which Ra Kyung-min won by 11-2 and 11-1 in 1996 Uber cup Hong Kong.

Fastest Badminton Stroke

Fastest Badminton Stroke,Badminton Game Facts,Lee chong Wei fastest smash,Court games speedy smash

The fastest stroke in badminton in a game is of 250 miles per hour (407 km per hour) by Lee Chong Wei’s whereas the fastest stroke in Tennis is of 163.4 miles per hour (263 km per hour).

The journey of increasing members to the name change.

International Badminton Federation founded in 1934 with a total of 9 members now has over 176 members. The Old name International Badminton Federation was changed to Badminton World Federation on 26 Sept 2006 in Madrid.

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