Badminton Interesting Facts and Information, from the history of the game to its several tournaments and Awards. We also have collection of Best Rackets and Shoes.

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Best Badminton Rackets: List of Top Badminton Rackets

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Badminton Rackets are the most essential part of Badminton Sport. Every Badminton Enthusiast knows how important it’s to get a perfect Racket. If you are searching for a Perfect racket and don’t know how to choose an excellent Racket don’t worry, We have created a Collection of Best Yonex Badminton Rackets which will help you to find your best Racket. Click the button below to check more…

Best Badminton Shoes: Collection of Top Badminton Shoes

Best Badminton Shoes ,Badminton shoes, BWF Badminton world, About Badminton, Badminton Players, Badminton Sport

Every Badminton Enthusiast knows how important it is to have a perfect badminton shoe. Badminton shoe plays a vital role in enhancing your game. Badminton Shoes not only provides you comfort but also gives you a grip to resist any kind of Injury. If you are searching for a badminton shoe of quality brand and don’t have much idea how to choose a best Badminton Shoe don’t worry, We have a list of Best Badminton shoes which will guide you to find your best shoe. Click the button below to for more details…

Badminton Rules, History, Tournaments and Awards

We Provide all Information from the Badminton World. The History of the Badminton to its Rules and Regulations. How the game has changed with Time. What are the major Tournaments and Awards and much more…

Badminton Rules, BWF Laws, Badminton Singles Rules, Badminton Doubles Laws, Badminton Information and Updates

Rules And Regulations

All the Rules of Badminton From the Court dimensions to the serving rules of singles and doubles. The court game had gone through many changes in laws like the scoring system changed from 11 points game to 21 points game. The scoring rule changed while serving in any singles/doubles game Read more…

BWF Tournaments, Badminton Tournaments and Championships, BWF Tours and series


Badminton World Federation BWF Organizes several series,Tournaments ,championships every year on Regular basis. Badminton Tournaments are divided into 3 Grades. Each grade has a specific value in gaining world Rank points. The tournaments are held for Para players as well Read More…

Badminton Awards, BWF Awards and Trophies, Best Badminton Information and Updates, Badminton Game


The Awards has always been honored to the People who had contributed a lot for their specific field. The BWF Badminton World Federation honors awards to the players, umpires, sponsors and alternative people for his or her accomplishment and their contribution in court game. the several awards are Read more…

Badminton History, History of Badminton, Badminton Sport, Badminton Information, Badminton Updates and Facts

History of Badminton

Badminton Has its Roots from ancient India and later became an International Sport in England by the New Name Badminton. Badminton has created many world-class players over the years.  BWF has organized many prestigious tournaments and Cups. Read the Full Article. Read more…

Badminton Interesting facts, Badminton Mind blowing Facts, Badminton Information, Badminton Updates

Interesting Facts

Badminton is a sport which demands mental as well as physical balance. Badminton is a very popular sport in the World. You know the largest shuttlecock is 48 times bigger than the actual shuttlecock. There are many interesting and mind-blowing facts about Badminton which every badminton enthusiast will like to know.   Read More…

Badminton News and Updates

All the important News and updates on Players, Tournaments, Results, and Rankings from the Badminton World.

Badminton : BWF World Badminton Rankings

Badminton World Federation BWF releases Official BWF World Badminton Rankings of the Players who had played in tournaments Sanctioned by Badminton World Federation. The Rankings helps in deciding the qualification of the Players to the World Championships and...

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